quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011

State of Mind #1

I feel very confused and lost
I want to discover what’s happening
I don’t care what will be the cost
Not even if I end this thing crying

Maybe I’m in love for someone
But I don’t know…Who is she?
Maybe when I realize who’s the one
It’s gonna be too late for me

Maybe I don’t want to accept
That things happen like it has to be
Let’s face it… No one’s perfect
And that shouldn’t be new for me

Why can’t I go on
And insist to live in the past?
Maybe I’m just a moron
That couldn’t enjoy it while it lasted…

For not having said something
Maybe I feel regreted too
Not a “Thanks a lot for make me suffering”
But maybe a last “I love you”

Now I understand why I was feeling bad…
It was also for many other things too…
But more importantly and like I always said
I will never  forget you…

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