sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

State of Mind #2 (English)

It's a waste of time looking at what was left behind when we should look at what lies ahead... For what do we want good memories when they make us suffer? If we are a being who can be so heartless, how can we be, at the same time, so fragile that a memory can make us feel so bad? Shouldn't we be able to destroy this pain?

Specially the pain of losing someone... Nothing is as painful as this. It is impossible to forget who we lost and maybe that's why we carry the burden of losing someone for so long ... sometimes way too long. Maybe trying to forget is the best solution? Or facing the problem and try to solve it for once and for all will relieve the pain a little? Maybe ... but ... what about people who are unforgettable? People like you ...that made me happy for so long, who made me a better person and to whom I owe everything I have ... How can I move on if I have no capacity to forget you or even the possibility to give you what you deserve from me? Am I being selfish and unfair with you because I want to forget you this way? Maybe the problem is selfishness. Because I have not bothered to ask what you feel and what you want? Perhaps because I'm a coward...
I can't face you and say that I love you again ... in fact ... that's my worst mistake ... I should have shown you that I love you and not repeat it over and over again until the word lost the real meaning of it...

How do I feel now? Regreted, above all... and as you see I'm not perfect like you always said... after all, no one is ... Life must go on ... Unfortunately mine without you ...

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